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Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan eye to launch “Golden Square” project

Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are planning to launch “Golden Square” tourism project, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan Saidikram Niyazkhodjayev said at an interview with Kazinform.

“We are working on this project, which is conditionally called “Golden Square”. We hope that our project will be successfully implemented in the near future,” the ambassador said.

The diplomat believes that people, who come to Uzbekistan to study the history of the Silk Road, should visit not only our country, but also Kazakhstan. “It gives a complete picture of the historical path. Similarly, tourists arriving in Kazakhstan can visit Uzbekistan, that is, it will be a joint tourist route,” Niyazkhodjayev noted.

“We have a very rich history. Naturally, young people should know their history, they should travel and get acquainted with those historical sites that are located on the territory of both Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Today, many come to Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Navoi region to visit holy places. Citizens of Uzbekistan travel not only to Turkestan and Arystan Baba, but also Almaty and Nur-Sultan. According to the statistics, last year, 2.3 million tourists from Kazakhstan visited Uzbekistan. And over 2.5 million Uzbek tourists came to Kazakhstan,” the ambassador added.

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